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Thinking of keeping us close to those who are so much part of our daily lives - clients, artists and professional partners - Luciana Brito Galeria created a special program for our Instagram channel, which we are pleased to share. Please, refer to @lucianabritogaleria and don't forget to follow the hashtags:


#Emcasa [#Athome] - Mondays and Tuesdays

It is a direct reference to our house, the gallery space, and how the works of the represented artists interact with Rino Levi's architecture. These posts still aim to show that works by renowned artists can also be part of your collection for more accessible prices.


#Crossroads - Wednesdays 

Every Wednesday, at 2:30 pm, LB Galeria promotes a live meeting between a represented artist and a guest for an unpretentious conversation about their artistic research and how, in some way, they intersect. #Crossroads is conceived and curated by Alexia Tala.


#tbt - Thursdays

As usual, Thursday is #TBT day, with images that remind us the remarkable moments that are part of the gallery's history.


#Lbfestivaldevideoonline [#Lbonlinevideofestival] - Fridays

Friday is the day for a new video from the LB Online Video Festival to be available on our website. Curated by Analívia Cordeiro, each week the festival features contemporary and historical works by represented and invited artists. The idea here is to instigate the viewer to question its contents and debate their proposals, in an unpretentious exercise not only to understand the works of these artists, but also to place them along the trajectory of video art.

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