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Waldemar Cordeiro and Ricardo Basbaum at Armory Show 2014

Gallery's booth proposes a dialogue between one of the greatest names of Brazilian art and contemporary artist


From 6 to 9 March, Luciana Brito Galeria will be at Armory Show 2014, in New York City. For this edition, following its new proposal of participation in fairs, with smaller shows that allow a deeper contact with the featured artists, the gallery has selected works by Waldemar Cordeiro and Ricardo Basbaum. This is, according to Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, a moment for the fair's reinvention, so that it features more space for emerging artistic scenes (read more in the page linked at the bottom ot this article).


The author of an artistic oeuvre indissolubly tied to his theoretical production, Waldemar Cordeiro affirmed himself as a central figure in the formulation and development of Brazilian concretism, the defining movement to a significant portion of Brazil’s 20th century art. However – and his written output reflected this as well –, he would soon incorporate into his formal experimentations a line of research on the sociocultural reality of his time. The featured selection is the most comprehensive ever shown outside Brazil in what regards to the widely varied spectrum of Waldemar Cordeiro’s art, straddling his concretist creations, his experimentation with new technologies (which already had strong political overtones nonetheless), and his architectural interventions, which put forth a critical response to modernism.


In this sense, the dialogue with Ricardo Basbaum’s works creates an enticing friction: Basbaum, who also deals with architecture and also boasts a theoretical output crucial to his own art, proposes a new understanding of physical and cultural spaces through artworks that upset the distinction between furnishing and artwork, while questioning issues such as sociability and cultural atomization, as noted by critic Guy Brett.


Parallel to Cordeiro & Basbaum’s show, visitors will be able to see the other artists and works represented by the gallery, in complementary materials available at the venue.


Learn more about the Armory Show. Check also article by Silas Martí in Folha de São Paulo, about the current "reinvention" stage of Armory Show.