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Rio hosts new contemporary art biennale

TRIO Biennial - Three-dimensional International Rio Biennial 2015 is one of the major projects celebrating the 450th anniversary of the city of Rio de Janeiro

Tiago Tebet, Estrutura Fundamental, 2015

Happening from September 5th to November 26th, TRIO Biennial is an international exhibition of contemporary art focused on the three-dimensional. It’s organized in two modules: one main show, titled Who said tomorrow doesn’t exist?, and a parallel module, composed by exhibitions proposed by international delegations.


Tiago Tebet, Marina Abramović, Raphaël Zarka, Tobias Putrih and Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich figurate among the artists participating in the main show. Curated by Marcus Lontra, the exhibition comprises not only sculptures, installations and objects, but also works that understand the three-dimensional as an expanded field, being them paintings, photographs, performances or videos. For instance, Tiago Tebet, known for extending pictorial investigation to media other than painting, participates in the show with “Fundamental structure”, a piece from 2015 composed of acrylic on MDF, bread crumbs, hemp fibres and debris, among others.


Marina Abramović presents “The Communicator” (Head 9), from 2012, emblematic of her research on crystals and precious stones and their influences and the human body and mind. Deeply concerned with the transposition of pictorial elements to sculpture, Raphaël Zarka exhibits “Prismatique”, 2013, an object made of wood and concrete. Tobias Putrih, known for sculptural installations with simple materials and fractured shapes, exhibits “Niche”, from 2012. Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, who works with performance, visual arts, text, theatre and video, will present an interdisciplinary work.


Who said tomorrow doesn’t exist? takes place in three different locations: Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center, Vargas Memorial and the National Historic Museum. The second module – titled Mostra Relevo – occupies several spaces in the city with national representations by countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Brazil.


Click here to visit TRIO Biennial’s website.