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Rochelle Costi presents new piece at the Bienal de Arte Paiz

Tags: Rochelle Costi / Bienal de Arte Paiz / Alma Ruiz / Alexia Tala

Contabilidade, 2016

Rochelle Costi (Caxias do Sul, 1961) is one of the four Brazilian artists invited to the 20th Bienal de Arte Paiz, in Guatemala. Titled Ordinary / Extraordinary: The democratization of art or the will to change things, this edition of the event aspires to greater inclusiveness by bringing the public closer to contemporary art. In the historic center of Guatemala City, the Bienal will endeavor to close the gap that exists between the public and the work of art through participatory works and other pieces based on the idea of art and life, created from the sixties to the present. 


Curated by Alma Ruiz and co-curated by Alexia Tala, the 20th Bienal de Arte Paiz will also explore the notion of the everyday through various themes: Deconstructions, Obsessions, and the Exercise of Collecting Objects; Environments (Observation, Space and Place); Individual and Social Identity; Politics and Activism; and the Ordinary Unconscious. For the show, Rochelle Costi – whose production revolves around everyday life elements – will create a new work inspired by the cultural specificities of Guatemala, like social habits, agricultural and artisanal production. 


The biennial will happen from June 2th to July 3rd, 2016. For more information, please visit the event’s website.