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Group show occupies emblematic building in São Paulo

Tags: Rochelle Costi/ centro de São Paulo / museu louvre pau-Brazyl

Rochelle Costi, "Edifício Móvel", 2016

Starting on September 9th the building Louvre by Artacho Jurado located in the city center of São Paulo will become the scenario of the exhibition museu do louvre pau-Brazyl. The building named after the famous french museum will receive works of 15 artists in its mezzanine that will be occupied by installations, objects, photographies, videos, actions and performances.

Rochelle Costi (Caxias do Sul, 1961) is one of the artists invited to compose this exhibition which aims not only to think of the sometimes problematic status of museum's as institution but also illuminates other issues of current debates, such as migratory and financial speculative flows of São Paulo's city center and its surroundings. The exhibition, curated by William Giufrida and Jessica Varrichio, is open to visitors until the 14th of October.