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Regina Silveira transforms Eva Klabin Foundation for the next edition of Projeto Respiração

Tags: Regina Silveira / Projeto Respiração / Fundação Eva Klabin / Marcio Doctors

"Mundus Admirabilis" project for intervention on the facade of Eva Klabin Foundation

A space simultaneously out of time and anchored in the present – that is the condition of the Eva Klabin Foundation (Rio de Janeiro), a house-museum kept in the exact same conditions as of when its owner was still alive, during the Projeto Respiração (Breath Project). Curated by Marcio Doctors, the 2004-born project organizes contemporary art site-specific interventions at the Foundation. Each guest artist has total creative freedom, provided that the collection is kept intact and entirely on display.


As the single invited for the 21st edition, Regina Silveira (Porto Alegre, 1939) occupies the house with the intervention INSOLITUS. For the show, certain elements from her visual lexicon – such as giant bugs –, as well as new works that were exclusively made for the exhibition, are re-arranged in a strange environment, between dream and nightmare, created through surrealistic changes in domestic objects (like a hairy dinner table), or through the presence of displaced situations, such as an alligator swamp from where emerges a 1,80 m tall black egg. The calmness and stability of the private environment represented by the residence are thus subverted by the artist that fills, with strange beings and unexpected metamorphoses, a house that has as single presence its owner who is long gone.


The exhibition can be visited from September 27th until January 9th 2017.