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Caio Reisewitz presents new work in the sector PRISMES at Paris Photo

Tags: Caio Reisewitz / PRISMES / Paris Photo

Caio Reisewitz, “Panambira”, 2016


The PRISMES sector at Paris Photo is dedicated to the presentation of exceptional projects including large-formats, series, and installation works exploring the diverse practices of the photographic medium. Among the thirteen selected projects for its next edition, which takes place between the 10th and the 13th of November, is the work Panabira, 2016 by Caio Reisewitz (São Paulo, 1967) a large collage (3.5 x 11m).


Collage is a technique that has been widely explored in the poetics of Caio Reisewitz, allowing the production of fantastic visions. These images lead to reflection on issues dear to contemporaneity as possible dialogues, and sometimes problematic, between nature and culture.


For more information about PRISMES, please visit the project´s website.