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Anthony McCall presents new work at Queen's Land Art Gallery in Australia

Tags: Anthony McCall / QAGOMA Australia / Crossing 2016

Anthony McCall, “Crossing", 2016

The Queen's Land Art Gallery (QAGOMA - Australia) presents from December 3rd the exhibition World Fair The Tim Fairfax Gift. The show celebrates a decade of partnership between the institution and the entrepreneur Tim Fairfax.


Focousing on the issue of movement, whether in its most literal meaning - movement of our own bodies - or figuratively - reflected in works that mobilize notions of geometry, the exhibition features a dozen works by artists that are featured in the museum’s collection.


Among the works selected for the exhibition is the new work of Anthony McCall (St.Paul's Cray, 1946), entitled Crossing. In this new installation, commissioned by the institution, visitors step into shafts of intersecting light and are encompassed by the sound of breaking waves — an incredible sensory experience.


The exhibition is on until April 17, 2017. For more information visit the institution's website.