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Luciana Brito at ARCO Madri

Gallery’s presence features changes and an award to Héctor Zamora


Along with a transformation in the way it participates in such events, ARCO 2014 was an occasion of colebration for Luciana Brito Galeria, since Héctor Zamora was awarded with this fair edition’s prize.


From this ARCO Madrid, the gallery chose to deepen the contact with the artists’ productions through monographic exhibitions, or at most two artists each show. Thus, the understanding and reflections that each production brings may be enhanced - either through a more careful look at the work of a particular artist, or through the dialogue between poetics and procedures of two different artists. Caio Reisewitz (Brazil, 1967) and Héctor Zamora (Mexico , 1974) were the featured artists this year.


The technical precision and eventual stillness of photographs by Caio Reisewitz often require a careful look to reveal their eloquence: after a immediate visual delight, one can notice that his photos do not simply follow a descriptive intention, and amid the absence of people in his landscapes, our gaze is converted into the only trace of humanity beyond some vestige in the captured image. In his photomontages, in which curator Fernando Cocchiarale identifies traits of the legacy of Dadaists Hannah Höch and Hausmann, the human dimension may present itself visually, but then their statute appears transfigured. Subtly, the landscapes of Caio, as little human, approach human condition.




On the other hand, Héctor Zamora takes as point of departure the human "landscape" - the human action, the most concrete evidence of cultural presence - with a confrontation which is somewhat formal, but never formalist. His works create correlations between social structure and artistic construction. One of the procedures by which Zamora does so, as seen in the works presented at this ARCO, is to associate materials used in the daily labor to clearly artistic forms and actions – for instance, in the geometrical arrangement featured in Escalon, a wall sculpture composed of ceramic blocks, or by the way that a quotidian human operation is turned into a performance in Material Inconstancy, a video based upon a happening that took place at latest Istanbul Biennial.


As the most tradicional art fair in the world, ARCO also features a prize, that this year was granted to Mr. Zamora. Winner of the Madrid Community Prize for Young Artists, he achieved the recognition due to his work Material Inconstancy – the award includes the acquisition of the work and it incorporation to the collection of  do CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, na institution related to the fair. Peruvian artist Andrea Canepa was the other awarded artist.


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