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Leandro Erlich’s labyrinthine installation on view in São Paulo

Tags: Leandro Erlich / Marcello Dantas

Leandro Erlich, Changing Rooms, exhibition view at Shopping Iguatemi, 2016

From June 7th to July 10th, 2016, Leandro Erlich’s (Buenos Aires, 1973) installation Changing Rooms will be on view at the Shopping Iguatemi, São Paulo. The show integrates a series of activities curated by Marcello Dantas in celebration of the mall’s 50th anniversary. 


The work is composed of modules of identical changing rooms, where some of the mirrors are replaced by wholes on the wall, doorways to a replica of the same space over and over again. As most of the Leandro Erlich’s production, this piece is at the same time ludic and critic. Side by side the real looking glasses, the should-be-mirrors show not one’s own reflection, but the figure of someone else, another visitor who happens to be experiencing the installation at the same time, providing a potent visual metaphor for the limits of subjectivity in contemporary societies of consumption. 


Leandro Erlich’s research aims to establish a critical transfiguration of everyday spaces, transformed either into sublime or strange by highly effective and often simple interventions. His installations are always related to architecture, duplicates of reality that create a fruitful environment for the viewers to contemplate the nature of their own perceptions and their relations with their bodies, the space and society.