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Liliana Porter participates in an exhibition dedicated to the cultural exchange between Latin America and Disney

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Liliana Porter, Minnie/Che , 2003

Liliana Porter (Buenos Aires, 1941) participates in How to read Pato Pascual, a group show that will inaugurate on September 10th at MAK Center for Art and Architecture (Los Angeles, USA), which is part of Pacific Standard Time LA/LA 2017 cultural program.


The show gathers more than 150 artworks from 48 Latin-American artists, which examine, in their artistic proposals, nearly 100 years of cultural exchange between Latin America and Disney.


Spanning painting, photography, graphic work, drawing, sculpture, video, documents, the exhibition explores the idea that there are no clear boundaries between art, culture, and geography, and deconstructs how such notions are formed and disputed.

In the show Liliana Porter features Minnie/Che, 2003, a work that ironically examines the relationships between two different icons, issued from mass culture and Latin America politics respectively.


How to read the Pato Pascual runs until December 16th. For more information, please visit MAK Center for Art and Architecture's website.