Galeria Luciana Brito

Galeria Expandida: Curated by Christine Mello

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Monday - 05/04
19h30 - performances by Esqueleto Coletivo and Paula Garcia


Wednesday - 07/04
11h - deposition by Analivia Cordeiro
14h - deposition by Regina Silveira
16h - deposition by Fabiana de Barros


Saturday - 10/04
12h - performance by Fabiana de Barros followed by the debate galeria expandida – relações históricas (Christine Mello, Martin Grossmann, Priscila Arantes, André Mesquita)


Wednesday - 14/04
11h - deposition by Ricardo Basbaum  
14h - deposition by Lucas Bambozzi
16h - deposition by Gilbertto Prado


Saturday - 17/04
12h - debate galeria expandida – relações artísticas (Luciana Brito, Paula Alzugaray, Mônica Nador, Ricardo Basbaum) seguido de performance de Ricardo Basbaum


Luciana Brito Galeria is opening the examination galeria expandida [expanded gallery]. Curated by Christine Mello, the show brings into the gallery some artistic actions of a mediatic and ephemeral nature that normally occur in the public space. In addition to performances and debates scheduled for April 5, 10 and 17, the artists will be making statements on Wednesdays, at scheduled times starting at 11 a.m.


The galeria expandida curatorial platform discusses circuits of visibility in art. In a context where the artistic production is by nature dematerialized and transitory, a key question is how can this production be hosted in an art gallery? The idea of the gallery’s expansion is therefore concerned with setting up a space for reflection that gives rise to situations of interaction and debate on the circulation of the artworks beyond this physical space.


The issues raised by the exhibition foster reflection in regard to the connections between established visual-arts spaces and experiences accessible in daily life (such as those promoted by Internet, television, mobile phones, indoor and outdoor media, newspapers, magazines, signs, promotional flyers, audio transmissions and T-shirts) that are part of the universe of communication networks, the advertising circuit, and brands.


The exhibition comprises the following works and sections:


historical segment
Presents historical revisions of the experiments by the artists Regina Silveira (distribution of pamphlets on busy city streets, with advertising for apartments that are impossible to live in), Ricardo Basbaum (creation and promotion of the “Olho brand” for the exhibition Como Vai Você, Geração 80? [How Are You, ’80s Generation?] – stickers with the brand can be acquired, extending the artwork beyond the event, placing into the hands of the visitors the possibility for the artwork’s invasion into other spaces), Fabiana de Barros (documentation of Fiteiro Cultural [Culture Kiosk], a kiosk opened in 2007 for the artistic participation of visitors, this time online at Second Life), Lucas Bambozzi (the artwork Puxadinho [Clandestine Hookup] will be constructed on the outside of the gallery), Analivia Cordeiro (exhibition of the choreography M3X3, nominated by Arlindo Machado as “the oldest tape (...) in the history of our video”) and Gilbertto Prado (documentation of the fax-event Connect, which allowed people located in different places around the planet to simultaneously create an artwork together).


The artists of the Historical Segment will make statements during sessions open to the public on Wednesdays, coordinated by Christine Mello, according to the following schedule:


April 7 – 11 a.m.: Analivia Cordeiro
April 7 – 2 p.m.: Regina Silveira
April 7 – 4 p.m.: Fabiana de Barros
April 14 – 11 a.m.: Ricardo Basbaum
April 14 – 2 p.m.: Lucas Bambozzi
April 14 – 4 p.m.: Gilbertto Prado


new trends segment
Actions especially conceived for the exhibition, associating the works of young artists to the participants of the historical segment. Paula Garcia and Esqueleto Coletivo open the exhibition on April 5. Paula Garcia’s performance Corpo Ruído [Noisy Body] will take place near Luciana Brito Galeria. The artist’s body is covered by magnets and scraps of iron, and the sound resulting from the fall of the objects will be transmitted into the gallery. Esqueleto Coletivo appears as a sponsor of the exhibition with the product Limpador de Consciência [Conscience Cleaner], on sale in the gallery throughout the exhibition. Claudio Bueno creates an interactive projection – by means of a cell phone, it is possible to “invade” the artist’s house and privacy, turning his television on or off. The work by Denise Agassi, O Passageiro [The Passenger] will be shown on the TV Bus programming, seen on a large part of São Paulo’s public transit bus fleet. Ana Paula Lobo presents a work in net art. Bruno Faria communicates with cell phones using Bluetooth.


Performances / debates
Luciana Brito Galeria is presenting performances and debates, coordinated respectively by Paula Garcia:


Monday, April 5 (opening of the exhibition) at 7 p.m.:
Performances of Esqueleto Coletivo and Paula Garcia


Saturday, April 10 – at 12 p.m.:
Performance by Fabiana de Barros
Followed by the debate galeria expandida: historical relations
Christine Mello, Martin Grossmann, Priscila Arantes, Analivia Cordeiro


Saturday, April 17 (closing of the exhibition) – at 12 p.m.:
Performance by Ricardo Basbaum
Followed by the debate galeria expandida: artistic relations
Ricardo Basbaum, Paula Alzugaray, Mônica Nador, Luciana Brito


online PRESENCE and publication
The content recorded during the debates, performances and statements will be exhibited live on the Internet through the galeria expandida hot site at Fórum Permanente. Web 2.0 tools allow the content arising during the event to be shared by a larger number of people through the galeria expandida’s profile on Facebook and blog.


The catalog galeria expandida will be distributed during the exhibition at Luciana Brito Galeria. The publication’s editorial coordinators are Ananda Carvalho and artists Eduardo Verderame and Manuela Eichner.

05.04.2010 to 20.04.2010


opening on April 5, 2010
tuesday - friday, from 10 AM to 7 PM
saturday, from 11 AM to 5 PM
free admission