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Eder Santos: Ilha Roteiro Amarrado

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The Galeria Brito Cimino starts its 2005 programme with “Ilha - Roteiro Amarrado”, a solo exhibition by the multimedia artist Eder Santos. The show opens on March 31, Wednesday, and will be on until April 23.


The exhibition consists of seven videoprojections, exploring time and movement, organized by theme: Landscape (Paisagem em Fuga), Easy Art (Arte Fácil), Barroque Ghost (A Geografia das Sombras), Natural States (A Natureza das Coisas) and Story Telling (Trocadilhos Infames). These works lead the visitors' way through the extraordinarily poetic world of its author.


In this new series, the author uses the walls to project the videos, forming what Eder Santos calls "digital pictures".  The picture  Landscape  (Paisagem em Fuga) shows  “Smoke Area” and “Road Movie”; in Easy Art (Arte Fácil) two otherDVDs are projected −“Homem Nadando” and "Mulher na Janela" ("Man  swimming"and“Woman by the window"); in Barroque Ghost (A Geografia das Sombras) we can find  “Mulher na Janela II” ("Woman by the window II")   and  “The Last Supper” ; Natural States  (A Natureza das Coisas ) presents “As obras do Sr.” ("Mr.'s works") and “Painel de Vidro” ("Glass pannel"); Story Telling (Trocadilhos Infames) comprises “Janaúba” and “Delicadeza do Amor”. 


One of the most peculiar characteristics of Santos, emphasized  in this show, is his expertise at using the electronic resources of the video (such as the looping, the overlapping of layers, the slow motion, etc.) for the conception of  his work.  For Santos, technical resources are much more than tools; they`re the tundamental thread for the spinning of his ideas. 


In terms of edition, this exhibition brings an innovation aimed to make the artist's work more accessible to those interested in acquiring a videoart work , keeping, at the same time, a limited edition of each work. Fifteen copies, containing 10 DVD`s, have been produced and contain the works presented at the exhibition.


Eder Santos has recently taken part in Piemonte Share Festival, in Turin, Italy (from February 24 to March1). In 2004, his video “Neptune’s Choice” was awarded at the [6th International Competition Media and Architecture] in Graz, Austria. 

31.03.2005 to 23.04.2005



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